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FAQs on PROfortil



    1. How do I consume/take PROfortil?
      Take 1 capsule twice a day, preferably one capsule after breakfast and one capsule dinner.

    2. Should Profortil be taken before or after meal?
      PROfortil is recommended to be taken after meal for enhanced micronutrient absorption.

    3. Are there any side effects when taking PROfortil?
      There are no significant side effects observed after taking PROfortil. The best practice is to seek advice from your respective doctor, as a precautionary measure, before taking PROfortil.

    4. Do I need to get a doctor’s prescription to purchase PROfortil?
      A doctor’s prescription is not needed to purchase PROfortil as it is a health supplement.

    5. Are there any drugs and types of food I should avoid while taking PROfortil?
      Avoid taking warfarin at the same time without medical advice from the doctor. Do note that PROfortil is a supplement and does not substitute your daily diet.

    6. Can PROfortil help patients with Azoospermia?
      Unfortunately, PROfortil is unable to help with this condition. Best to seek professional advice from a fertility specialist.

    7. Is PROfortil halal?
      Yes, it has international Halal certification.

    8. Is PROfortil vegetarian-friendly?
      Yes. All the ingredients in PROfortil are free from animal origin and are encapsulated within a vegetarian capsule (cellulose).

    9. How should I store PROfortil?
      It is best stored at room temperature in a cool and dry place.
PROfortil 1 pill Twice A Day

Highly effective.

A spermiogram assesses the concentration, mobility and shape of sperm cells. The video on the right shows the distinct difference after 3 months of taking ®.

Male infertility has many causes – in industrialized countries, genetics, stress, changes in life patterns and dietary habits all lead to dramatic reductions in sperm cell production and quality. ® is a clinically-tested and patented formula, developed specifically to optimize sperm quality and to treat male sterility. Clinical studies show that taking ® for at least 3 months significantly improves sperm quality. No other formula has beaten its pregnancy rate of Ø 26-41%.
An important factor for a healthy baby
Breaks in sperm DNA strands greatly increase the chances of miscarriage

In the process of cell division, DNA is copied and transferred to each new cell. If the DNA strands in sperm are damaged, the process of cell division may be disrupted, stopping embryonic development entirely. ® reliably protects sperm DNA from damage.

During cell division, DNA is transferred to each new cell just like a train transfers cargo to a destination. If a train’s tracks are damaged, the train cannot make it to the destination. The same is true when DNA strands are damaged. Both the train and the DNA are derailed.

If there are serious breaks in the DNA (genetic information is “broken”, “damaged”), new cells will be incomplete and unable to continue the cell division process. Embryonic development stops.

Infertility is the medical term for sterility. This is the case when regular sexual intercourse without contraception does not lead to pregnancy within 12 months.

There is a general distinction between primary and secondary infertility:

Primary infertility:
The man has never fathered a child before.

Secondary infertility:
The man has already fathered one or more children, whether with his current partner or another woman.

In many cases of infertility, the woman is examined before the man; although in about half of all cases, the cause is found in the man.

Male infertility can have many causes. Genetics, stress, changes in life patterns and dietary habits all lead to a dramatic reduction in sperm cell production and quality. The wish to have a child is still denied to around 15% of all couples, even after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse.

A fundamental distinction is made between inherited and acquired disorders. Furthermore, a distinction is made between diseases relating to hormonal control of testicular function (approx. 12%), diseases of sperm formation in the testicles (approx. 30-40%) and diseases of the sperm transport system (approx. 10-20%).


About Malaysia

  • Men’s health supplement
  • To help improve sperm health
  • Blister pack – 3 strips of 20 capsules on each strip
  • MAL 15085045NCR
  • KKLIU 1204/2019

Malaysia contains 8 micronutrients:

  • L-Carnitine
  • L-Arginine
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • Glutathione
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Folic Acid
  • Selenium

should be taken
Twice daily;

– One (1) capsule with, or after breakfast;
– One (1) capsule with, or after dinner.

*For best results, should be taken for 3 months consecutively.

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