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Couple Falls Victim to Fertility Supplement Scam: Here’s How You Can Avoid the Same Fate

Pre Pregnancy and Fertility Articles
Articles Read our articles that covers topics regarding pre pregnancy, fertility, women’s health, and vitamins. It may relate to you and your family! Find Out More… FAQs on profortil How do I consume/take PROfortil? Take 1 capsule twice a day, preferably one capsule after breakfast and one capsule dinner. Should Profortil be taken before or after meal? PROfortil is recommended to be taken after meal for enhanced micronutrient absorption. Lifestyle Factors & Fertility There are many things in life that we have no control over. Lifestyle factors, however is in our control. As hard as it may be, in efforts to achieve successful conception, these lifestyle factors can positively or negatively influence fertility rate. Folic Acid VS Folate Are they the same or different? The terms folic acid and folate are constantly used interchangeably in the world of nutrition. In actual fact, these two elements are different forms of the same vitamin, Vitamin B9. Folic acid is the synthetic form (non-active form) whilst, folate is the natural occurring form. The Meaning Behind Conception Conception is not a medical term but a term that refers to fertilization, when a sperm fertilizes an egg. It happens when a sperm fertilizes an egg. Every woman must have heard this term at least once in their lifetime. How Well Do You Know About Sterility and Infertility? Certain terms can be a little confusing especially if they are medical related and when they seem similar in definition such as infertility and sterility. Most people throw ‘infertile’ and ‘sterile’ around and use it interchangeably but they do not mean the same thing. Feminine Confidence Comes From Within Confidence lies in more than just their external appearance. They want to look good, feel good and smell good at all times. Many women are not aware that they may smell ‘differently’ at different times of the month due to the changes in the level of female hormones. Why Women Get More UTIs Than Men – and what they can do to stop it Here are some not-so-fun facts for you ladies out there: women get urinary tract infections (UTIs) as many as 30 times more often than men do. As if this statistic is not shocking enough. Don’t Start A Family Before You Check These Things Off Your List! Ever heard of Planned Parenthood and wondered what the organisation’s name meant? If you haven’t, it is an American-based nonprofit organisation that informs millions across the globe on reproductive health care and sex education. articles

Vitamin D Benefits

Most of us want more “Vitamin Sea” — but what we need is more Vitamin D VITAMIN D BENEFITS First comes the sneezing and the shivers. Then comes the sore throat, bad cough, and fever. You’re burning up, and you do exactly what your parents tell you to do all those years ago — you reach…

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