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Feminine Confidence Comes From Within

For women, confidence lies in more than just their external appearance. They want to look good, feel good and smell good at all times.

Many women are not aware that they may smell ‘differently’ at different times of the month due to the changes in the level of female hormones. These changes are normal and mild.

However, some women may experience a certain infection or discharge which is strong and almost ‘fishy-like’. At this point, they need to consult a doctor to find out what is the root cause.

Feminine hygiene plays a vital role in a woman’s confidence every day.

There are many types of intimate hygiene products in the market. Selecting the right one is crucial because the skin around the intimate area is delicate and sensitive.

When choosing a suitable intimate wash, carefully look at the ingredients list and compared as many products contain harsh chemicals that may cause more harm than good in this area, eg: alcohol, parabens, and fragrance. These ingredients tend to aggravate the skin around the intimate area, causing dryness, itchiness, and increased sensitivity. 

Gynafresh is a mid and hypoallergenic intimate wash formulation that is free from alcohol, fragrance, paraben, and soap, making Gynafresh a delicate, intimate wash for women of all ages, especially for those who experience dryness or itchiness.
Intimate hygiene, Gynafresh never smelt this good.


Tips Managing Intimate Odour

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